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Critical Mass

Critical Mass 
27 May - 4 June 2023
LABOARTORIUM at ul. Dokowa 1, Gdańsk
Imperial Shipyard
Curator: Grzegorz Klaman
Curatorial Co-operation: Piotr T. Mosur
An exhibition of the young generation of artists who take a critical view on reality in a multifaceted and broad perspective will be organised annually. Committed attitudes in art ask for courage and
determination, often being socially costly for artists who must reckon with all kinds of censorship from many sides of the political scene. Critical art does not choose one political option or one scale of moral or religious values, so it is directed to all aspects of the reality that surrounds us. It is an invaluable tool for active participation in social life and co-creation of an open view of this reality; it also requires the courage of those who support and present it, as well as those who consciously want to
participate in it. It is the expansion process of the field of culture, the language forms of artistic expression and building tolerance. The status of critical art allows it to go beyond or, at least, cross the
boundaries of habits, aesthetic norms and formal limitations of the so-called ‘work of art’, while directing the effort towards the potential recipient, persuading them to participate in experiencing the new. The challenge of this project is also to build trust in a radical artistic gesture, prepare the recipient to understand the artist's intentions and the function of contemporary art in the shaping of our consciousness and our lives.
The Wyspa Progress Foundation and all the art venues it has run in Gdańsk for the last 36 years, such as: Wyspa Gallery, The Barracks, Former Municipal Bathhouse, The Mock-Up Room, B 90-Alternativa Festival, Wyspa Institute of Art and ART Lab Wyspa have all co-
created the trend currently known as critical art in Poland. The Foundation in its practice and conceptualisations deals with the relationship between power, knowledge, art and technology,
as well as biopolitics and posthumanist strategies with a critique of the Anthropocene and Capitalocene.
The exhibition CRITICAL MASS is partnered by the Euterus project, which has its firstouting as an initiative supporting committed art, with a particular focus on art that tackles identity problems, focuses on the most important intellectual currents, notices importantworldview and political discourses, and often renders a direct impact on reality.
The project was co-financed by the Cities of Gdańs
Thanks to Ania and Maciej Śmietańscy for providing the Laboartorium
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