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BIO-PRESENCE bits-rhizomes-networks

exhibition 5-20.11.2021

the opening  18.30 /5.11.2021

The exhibition BIO-PRESENCE accompanies the conference of the same title,organised by Małgorzata Jankowska which will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk on 5 November. It will be devoted to the consideration of the presence of various forms of life in the sphere of artistic practice, located at the crossroads with the spheres of science and technology. The exhibition is going to continue and broaden the issues tackled at the conference, but will concentrate its interest not only
on the forms of this presence but also the complex influence of permeating technological beings, constituting a noticeable and indispensable component of bio- and technospheres. The presence of the former preconditions the presence of the latter. This non-linear and hybrid coexistence generates an accrual of paradoxes on
the border with life as such (bare life), as the flow of energy, the code of vital information in the network of complex cultural, technological, and biological systems.
We can develop creative powers of imagination from 

the position of posthuman theory and art, where our own 
“I” transforms itself into – as Rosi Braidotti puts it –
“the subject [which] is a transversal being completely submerged and inherent in the network of relationships that are non-human, such as animals, plants, viruses, etc.
Through the embodied zoe-centred subject relational linkages of a contaminating/viral/techno kind permeate, which in turn interconnect with a variety of others, starting from the environmental or eco others, and including the technological apparatus”. Art in such a context redefines both the creative subject and tools for creation, and both the goals of its activity and its inter-actors to whom it addresses its
activity, renewing its ethical approach, freed from any narcissistic illusory transcendence.

Grzegorz Klama


Mira Boczniowicz, Michalina Bigaj, Elvin Flamingo, Marta Flisykowska, Natalia Hirsh, Michał Jaszkowski,  Jarek Lustych, Aleksandra Mohr, Agata Kościołowska, Paweł Janicki, Laura Radzewicz, Jan Rogało, Katarzyna Serkowska , Jadwiga Subczyńska, Grupa SMRk+ (Śmietański Maciej, Mosur Piotr, Radtke Wojtek,Klaman Grzegorz )

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