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Residencies: our vision
We strive to follow the individual (or group) ideas of residents, supporting their artistic research and helping them realize their ideas. Our residents work with curators and curators, project coordinators and coordinators They also have access to FWP s production resources

 Research is testing

We support experimentation by allowing residents to initiate and test their proposals. We supportin artistic practices that can lead to results beyond the logic of white cube space presentation. We believe that time spent understanding, connecting, being inspired or changing one s mind is just as valuable as working on an exhibition. So we offer time and space, not deadlines.

 Presentation is not just an exhibition
 We see the Residencies as a medium for artistic practice that allows us to explore models of presentation other than the exhibition. As a result, our residents create projects aimed at different audiences and participants: performances, socially engaged projects, video works, lectures, as well as less formal situations such as shared dinners or conversations.
o Mapping Gdansk and in particular the biotope of Sobieszewska Island
o The activities of our residents are often firmly rooted in the context of Gdansk.
o Discussion and knowledge exchange
 We believe that science and artistic experimentation benefit from the mobility of artists and creators, collaboration with institutions and flexibility of processes

 Since 2002, we have been continuously developing and redefining our residency program,  nurturing critical reflection on the potential of residency as an artistic and institutional practice. We use our years of experience to implement bold programs that respond to the ever-changing relationship between artists, organizations and society. Within these programs, artists and curators have the opportunity to conduct research and experiment in their chosen fields.

- Thematic lines of residencies
Several-week interdisciplinary art and research stays with a thematic scope agreed individually between the resident or resident and the curator or curator. Cooperation with residents is based on two thematic lines planned for the program over several years.
o Hospitality is the slogan of the thematic line implemented since 2018. Residencies and curatorial research within its framework are devoted to informal and care-based relationships both in the institutional context of art and in various social settings.

Since 2015, we have been looking at performance as one of the responses to the artist residency format. We are interested in artistic practices in which the primacy of the object is abandoned in favor of processuality, intermediality, and ephemerality.

o The term re-directing (redirecting) here refers to the need to facilitate collaboration between art initiatives that have a hard time getting in touch due to geopolitical circumstances. The program has a global dimension and is not geographically limited.

The total cost of stay for one artist/one week is 1 100 eur:
- two meals a day in the restaurant
- own funds /breakfast, public transport/for 1 week -160eur
-studio 70m2, plus access to the studio in the main building, including:
-tools and technical facilities /power tools, video projectors/
- the Wyspa Progress Foundation archive and library
- the possibility of working in our open space / meadow and pond / area of ​​3000 m2
- close contact with the sea and the Vistula estuary 1-3 km /bike available/
- the possibility of cooperation / depending on the nature of the project / with
-Studio of Transdisciplinary Activities Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
-Faculty of Biology, University of Gdańsk
-Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdańsk University of Technology

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