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ART LAB Wyspa/Fundacja Wyspa Progress

ARTLab Wyspa/Wyspa Progress Foundation

The Wyspa Progress Foundation's new location is on Sobieszewska Island in Gdansk. ART LAB Wyspa is located on a hectare plot of land, and consists of an office, library, archive and collection of the Wyspa Progress Foundation, as well as a Residence Studio, where we implement an Artist-in- Residence program. Our place is, in part, an experimental ARTLAB that will seek to champion the connections between art and science, on the one hand, and, more importantly, an ECOLOGICAL POSTURE TO NATURE AND THE ECOSYSTEM, on the other.

We want to achieve these goals by applying a critical-research attitude redefining the dichotomy NATURE CULTURE and artistic techniques from the area of so-called"Wet Media", biomedia and versions of artistic tools. To this end, we invite people involved in solutions, publications, share their knowledge and experience. We run a residency program for artists and scientists coordinating workshops aimed at different groups of people, which are held in the studio, in the garden area and at selected locations on Sobieszewo Island.
Beginnings of our activity in this area are several years of cooperation of the Foundation with the Laboratory of Transdisciplinary Activities of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdansk. Consisting of the use and implementation of conceptual projects / in the form of any techniques / such that include selected tissue and cell safe cultures, plants and animals. Works based on wet-biological media, where living objects are mostly presented, rather than represented on the form of art critically related to biotechnological practices subjected to artistic reflection. Collaboration - already beginning in 2013, the coordinator was Dr. Anna Biala from the UG Department of Biology. Preliminary work and consultations to allow a group of students to get oriented to the principles of work in the laboratories, I also allowed to develop a platform for communicating the form of presenting the concept of bioart projects.

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