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Wyspa Progress Foundation, founded by Grzegorz Klaman, Jarek Bartołowicz and Adam Gajda, has been operating in Gdansk since 1994, and is a public benefit organization. The sources of our activity date back to 1985 still informally as an artists' collective. Running for over 30 years of activity important art venues in Gdansk such as Wyspa Spichrzów (1985-1995), Baraki (1989-1990), Wyspa Gallery (1990-2002), Otwarte Atelier - Dawna Łaźnia Miejska (1992-1998), Modelarnia (2002-2012), Wyspa Institute of Art (2004-2016), Alternativa Festival-Hala B90 (2010-2015).

We have organized several thousand events, exhibitions, screenings, workshops, concerts and debates, which acted as a platform for discussing visual culture in our country and its place on the international cultural map. The "adaptive practices"we used guided us through the radical socio-political changes in Poland from Martial Law to turbo capitalism mobilizing us to define the language of analysis of these changes. Being a quasi-institution, we draw experience from observing the past tradition in the field, but avoid once structurally defined shape. Our concept is horizontal, hybrid (research-exhibition- workshop), and our strategies are based on creating relationships and stimulating communicative processes, not on a closed defined representation.
Our task is not only to present the most interesting phenomena of contemporary artistic culture, but also to construct an intellectual background and documenting research program. Thus, we are an interdisciplinary exhibition, research and educational organization. Among the resources min. collection, library/reading room, publishing house and archive of contemporary art WYSPA-base. An important part of the program is Wyspa AIR Port, a residency program aimed at introducing an international group of researchers, theoreticians, critics and creators of visual culture to the Tricity and Polish art scene.
We have pursued the above goals with great success at the Wyspa Institute of Art, founded in 2004, located on the former sites of the Gdansk Shipyard fulfilling an intellectually and artistically stimulating role for the post-shipyard areas, entering with its program into              the discussion of their historical role, linking them to the history of independent artistic movements in Gdansk and contemporary innovative artistic practice.
In 2016, after 12 years, the Wyspa Progress Foundation was forced to vacate building 145B, which was the headquarters of the Wyspa Art Institute. In order to continue its activities, the Foundation made an effort to organize a new venue on Sobieszewo Island. The new venue Art Lab Wyspa (2018) is oriented towards exploring connections with new technologies, biomedicine, ecology, performatics, experimental forms of imaging and new theories of culture in particular, posthumanism.

President: Grzegorz Klaman, Vice President: Piotr Tadeusz Mosur
Council: Maciej Smietanski (Chairman), Jaroslaw Bartolowicz (Vice Chairman), Robert Kuśmirowski.



Grzegorz Klaman

President of Wyspa Progress Foundation

Grzegorz Klaman
President of Wyspa Progress Foundation

Artist, curator, activist, professor - runs studios at the Academy of Fine Arts in the Intermedia Department. From 1980 to 1985 he studied at the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Gdansk at the Department of Sculpture. He works in installation, actions in public space (large-scale objects and sculptures, in relation to architecture ), critical art and bioart analyzing discursive relations of body, power, knowledge and science.


Piotr Mosur

Vice president of the Progress Island Foundation

Piotr Tadeusz Mosur (born 1990 in Sarnowo)

- visual artist: painter, creator of installations and
author s  method of " Perverted Reconstruction;" co-founder of UL Gallery and Umiejętnik School(together with Piotr Sz. Mańczak). Graduate of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk (2017) Currently a doctoral student and lecturer at his alma mater. Participant of many exhibitions at home and abroad. Associated with the Wyspa Progress Foundation since 2016.



Joanna Maltańska

project coordinator, runs the foundation office

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk -Department of Painting. In 2002-2013 she co-founded the artists' cooperative Modelarnia. Co-founder of LOw-Res group, later artistic-design group Lukrecja Aqsamit , author of graphic designs. Currently, together with Grzegorz Klaman, sheruns ArtLab Wyspa on Wyspa Sobieszewska .




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